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How Poles Became White takes up Kacper Pobłocki’s thought-provoking essay on class & race: tracing the roots of what it means to be somebody or nobody in Europe. Drifting East and West the film tells the story of a generation, Jacek (28), Nidal (27) and Roma (27), who don’t rebel but embrace the conflicts of our time with melancholy & struggle. While Jacek and Roma reach out for social mobility in the Netherlands, Nidal leaves the Middle East to live a self-determined life in Poland. Struggling with identity & migration all three face the question of who they are and where to belong.

Core Crew

Tino Buchholz director & producer
Christian Zuidema & Katharina Gugerell co-producer
Benjamin Bischof • director of photography
Dominik Wulf & Andonia Gischina • film editor
Robert Kondorosi • sound
Stefan Baier • design

Director’s Filmography

Director’s Academic Work

» https://rug.academia.edu/tinobuchholz

Director’s Biography

Born in Schwerin, a small city between Hamburg and Berlin, I still experienced the last decade of state socialism made in Eastern Germany. Too young to see the contradictions it was my high school exchange in Houston/ Texas 1997 that made me realize political changes and see the bigger picture. After that experience I never really returned to the small city but moved West to Dortmund for a Master in urbanism in 2000. I contrasted my US experience with a DAAD grant for Russia in 2004, spending six months in Rostov on Don. Looking East and West, I came to the Netherlands by chance, starting my PhD research on urban movements and social justice in Groningen 2008. Along with my research on the creative & just city Amsterdam I then opened up for documentary film and delivered my debut film to Amsterdam 2011. Defending my PhD at the University of Groningen in 2016 I turned to documentary film again. This time, however, with less of an academic but artistic motivation. With this work I reflect on my split German biography and Polish ties (family and friends) that shape my perspective on social analysis and social change. For future projects I aim to remain true to my perspective on things - working with text & film at TUNi productions - to document the European picture as I see it.


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